I guessed some of the sneak peeks!

WARNING: If you haven’t completed Crisis Caverns yet, don’t, because this post contains spoilers.

Okay, remember the 3 shadow sneak peeks that I posted and guessed? Well you can find them in CC!

The belt I posted about is a belt, but it’s a magnetic belt, not a belt with charms!




And the egg/boulder is an egg of the monster worm! (The name of the monster worm is a mouthful tho)



And the totem thing/tower, I was wrong! It was an arcade machine(you can’t play it)


sorry for the blurry image

Um, looks like the post is out! Bye fellow PopWorldicans!(I just came up with that)


Changing This Blog

Well… guess what?


Okay, the title will be changed to PopWorlds Flyers Blog, but you can still make suggestions for the title! Sadly, your classic Poptropica outfit won’t be transferred to Pop Worlds. I really don’t want to spoil Poptropica Worlds for you Poptropicans, but it will be exciting! 🙂 Okay, that was a short post, and be notified that the Costumes Page is for the “old” Poptropica. Okay, that will probably be enough, soo bye!

The Last Mystery!

It’s Bendy Flyer! Unfortunately, this is the last silhouette sneak peek. 😦 Anyways, let’s see this sneak peek!


That is probably a column from some kind of tower, or a totem! You can also play my game! Try to find all 5 differences! But be careful, for one of the differences, you may have to zoom in. Comment when you did my game, and I’ll let ‘ya do a guest post!

bf games.png

Okay, bye!

Pirate Ad!

Hi, it’s Bendy Flyer, and as you see the title, it is a pirate related Poptropica ad! (No, it’s not Jake and the Neverland Pirates) It’s Pirates of the Caribbean!

When you go to Home Island, your blimp is replaced with this blimp


And here is the dialouge-

You: Who are you? Pirate: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow. Watch the video to get a prize.

You: Can I watch the pirate video? Pirate: Aye! And get a prize fer watching. [plays video]

You: Can I travel in your pirate blimp? Pirate: Aye, matey!

The blimp is basically your blimp, but the map is different (I don’t want to spoil it!)


The prize! (for girls and the boys one is probably the pirate I talked to but idek)

And it’s a PG-13, so you might want to wait if you can’t handle those movies yet(I love PG-13 movies and I’m too young) Anyways, bye!

Lego Elves Ad

Hey guys, Bendy Flyer here. There’s a Lego Elves Ad in Poptropica, though to be honest, I don’t like it as much as some other ads. Okay, let’s look at the ad.


I already watched the video, and the one and only prize is next to me.


Yes, a troll follower is the prize. I don’t like the ad because it just plays a video and you only get one prize. Oh look, Sarah Snooty is finally happy! Here’s my suggestion— there should also be a costume prize.

By the way, you can answer this fresh “Fill in the Blank”!


It’s from _ _ _ _ island.

Bye guys!

Yay Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peeks!!!

HEY THERE!!! IT’S BENDY FLYER! Sorry for the Caps, but I’m super excited because I got a secret link to some awesome sneak peeks that y’all will love(there are posts about them already but still)



I love the gems in here! The background reminds me of Arabian Nights for some reason…

Those are very detailed! I mean, look at the wallpaper and everything! I see it has totally improved from the old Pop!


I like how the clouds look real on the bottom, but on the top they’re not that realistic. That isn’t a big deal because the rest of the background matches with it a bit.worlds

Oh, that’s what the monster worms are for! I love the eerie background here!worlds.png

Again, the worms is used here. Tbh I think the worm matches here better than Chase Stage 2 because of the color.

And I need to tell you something- The Poptropica Flyers Blog will turn into the PopWorlds Flyers Blog. If you have any other title suggestions, comment below! Also, I won’t be as active as a while ago because I’m struggling with life. That’s it for this post, and have a good day!

1000 hits!

Hey, it’s Bendy Flyer, and this blog has over 1000 hits! Thank you guys so much for the support! This time, we won’t have a multiverse party because I’ve planned that way too much… but there’s a Fan Fiction Contest!


  • Swears are fine, but pot a warning that there’s swearing and no mature content.
  • Submit them by:
  1. Commenting on my DeviantArt profile
  2. Commenting on this post
  3. Tweeting to me at @BendyFlyer100
  4. Messaging me through Discord
  5. Contacting me the link
  • You can submit up to 3 whole fanfics(1 fanfic can have several parts in it)
  • The fanfic cannot be rude to someone in a way.
  • You can submit your story until May 15, 2017. (If there aren’t enough contestants then the date will be extended)


Grand prize (for 3 contestants)- The choice of writing 3 guest posts or having 2 art requests

Runner-up prize(for 9 contestants)- The choice of writing 2 guest posts or having 1 art request

Blog Staff options

Grand- The choice of creating a page (I might have to do it) or making 10 pics for guessing

Runnerups- The choice of making 6 pics for guessing or adding a widget

So what are you waiting for? Write/share your entry! 🙂

Bendy Speck’s Partay!!!

The post says it’s by that Bendy (and the Ink Machine) Flyer lady, though it’s actually Bendy Speck! No really, IT’S BENDY SPECK! Bendy Flyer’s password for her WordPress account was finally solved, by me! The party is on April 8. Bendy Flyer will not come.


PST 4pm

MST 5pm

CST 6pm

EST 7pm

DoN’t LiVe In ThE UsÁ? Search up a time converter, don’t be lazy!

Real Post by Bendy Flyer

Yay! The movie theater has finally came!


So that’s what it looks like inside…


So as you enter, you’ll see this. First, there will be an ad (personally, I don’t like them)


Uh, that’s what my ad was…


Oh no, the video is just about gravity, and this is not as good as I thought so.


Ugh, please! To be honest, the video is lame, so this would be just a rant about the video. Maybe that would suit younger kids…

There’s more videos, but I expect them to be similar, but I’ll just give brief rants.


“Doughnut Zombies!” is the title, and then they talk about DNA? The title doesn’t make sense!

That’s the last video, and the videos are for ages 5 and 6 I guess, and my Poptropican is sad 😦


Bendy Flyer: Bendy Speck, don’t do that again! DON’T COME TO HIS PARTY

Bendy Speck: [whistles]