Share your glitches here! I will also be sharing and discovering glitches of of my own. Here are some of mine.

Friend a clone

You need a sibling or a friend with you. You and the other person log on to the same user (on different computers) and then go to the same island (such as Home Island) and both go to the Common Room at the same time. You can chat, battle, and friend your exact clone! Once you or the other one exits the game, you will no longer have the clone.

Requirements: 8-bit Pixel Pig Power, Skeleton Power
1)Go to a Non SUI Island
2)Turn as much poptropicans as you want with the pig power
3) Use the “I see skeletons” power on the skeleton store card, or else purchase.
4) Surprise!
5) Attempt to customize them, and there is something truly weird, weird.
I hope you put this up and enjoy!!!

1) Go to the ad transporter and do the Puss in Boots Quest.
2) On your Poptropica Browser(the one that is not the ad transporter)and make sure you are on a non SUI island.
3)Refresh the Poptropica browser.(click retry)
4) Get the magic beans from the Puss in Boots prize.
5) Once you have the beans in your hand, press space repeatedly.
6) Stand in a certain area, and you lose your outlines and part of your shirt(depending where you stand, you lose outlines and shirt a little or lot.
7) Is this good? Tell me if it is. (optional)

This glitch is for members or you must have the Mystery Train Inspector. Put the magnifying glass on, then rapidly keep on pressing space. There is an eye, though it’s not at your head yet! Cool?

You might not get this glitch but… Get the Silly Streams at store or anything like that, then jump with flip the press Space, then you will be doing cartwheels!

1. Friend “0”(no quotations)
2. Go to his closet
3. He has your outfits!

Those are my glitches for now! Stay tuned for more. I will post glitches you have discovered below.