Here are some of my costumes. If you have a costume you want added on here, you can add it!


Bendy Flyer’s Signature Look


Hair- Tower Prep Ad

Bangs(both)-Friend testingmom2014 and look in closet

Closed Eyes(optional)- PopPrettyASG(my ASG)

Lips-Friend testingmom2014 and look in closet

Jacket-Friend testingmom2014 and look in closet

Purse-Friend testingmom2014 and look in closet

Shirt-iPoptropica Multiverse Rochelle Ad Monster High Rochelle Ad

Skirt- Fall Fashion 1 Girls outfit

Also ASG “BendyFlyerASG!”(without closed eyes)

Purple Greek

poptropica items.png

Get the bang and the skirt from the prom queen(store)
Get the lightning staff from the store(450 credits)
Get the white toga from the lady in front of Herc’s Hero Hut
Get the hair with the leaves from the green dressed girl inside Herc’s Hero hut
Get the lips and the shirt from the purple dressed girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut
Martial Arts Fashionista
Get the bang, suit, pants, and belt from the Fashion Ninja costume in the Exhibit Hall in Poptropicon episode 2
Get the hair from the Tower Prep Ad
Get either the nunchucks from the Midnight Ninja Costume or get the Long Stick from the Karate Master Costume.
Choose pink or red lips, but the lips I recommend(the lips shown above) are from my closet(friend testingmom2014).
Party Clown Girl
Any hair is fine, just no Afros, short hair, or braids.
Bangs are from Fashion Ninja in Poptropicon, Eps. 3.
You have to choose lips, especially red lips.
The shirt is from the 7th birthday costume, but the shirt is customizable.
Any undershirt is fine, but try to get a colorful one, so that it matches.
Skirt is optional, and it’s from the Fall Fashion 1
for girls.
Flower is from clown costume.

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