#PoptropicaLove is in the air!

Recently , the creators announced the #PoptropicaLove contest! Which means , new photo booth! However , I won’t be entering the contest. However I made a Valentines day outfit so be sure to check that out! Oh , and here’s something you guys might want to know. **The winner wins a 6 month membership , for free!**

It has some really good characters. I recommend all of you guys to check it out! Anyways , Bye ya!

-Short Feather



Here comes Short Feather!

Yeah , not the most creative at titles. Anyways , I’m here to tell you I’m the next author on this blog! If you don’t know who I am , I’m the owner of Short Feather’s Popup , and author on The Poptropican’s corner! Well , that’s only my blogging life . I’m a fan of Rick Riordan books , Poptropica , kinda Roblox I guess? , and chatting on Discord. That’s all for now , Ciao!