Guess who Just Turned 10… Not me!

Hi, it’s me, Bendy Flyer! Original Poptropica is celebrating it’s birthday! Poptropica Worlds is still pretty young though, but Classic Pop is already 10! There is a Poptropica B-day costume in the Classic Pop store! The PHB is holding a multiverse pretty soon, so let’s…

And I also created a Poptropica B-Day photo!


Are these photos still cringey

Earlier, the Poptropica Creators were having a lot of fun!


That cake makes me real hungry

By the way, read the last book of the Poptropica series, The End of Time!

Honestly, the 10th b-day prizes are better than for the 9th b-day, because it was only a cat on a cake hat and a balloon.

Also, the Poptropica Creators have a membership contest, where there are 10 spots available! Basically, you create your island, and you have to include 3 ingredients:

  1. Birthday Cake
  2. Parrotfish
  3. The color green

The details are here. See the rules here.


I will make a b-day doodle, bye!

(10 years ago… goo go gaa ga goo goo ga!)


Interviews with… TallMeloniscool!

Hi PopWorldicans, it’s Bendy Flyer, and we have another interview, with Tall Melon! My questions will be pink and Tall Melon’s answers will be just default text color. Let’s hear it!

Who are your favorite Poptropicans?(in the game)
Well I am going to say Mryon Van Buren because he is the most disturbing Poptropican ever! Gamer Guy from Zomberry island because its just interesting how he likes the zombie apocalypse because he can just stay at home playing video games without going to work! Director D because that dam plot twist where he was the bad guy all along! I thought he was the good guy! And Ned Noodle Head. Its just kinda funny how he would want a hot dog more then a medal!
What are your fandoms?
I do not really have alot of fandoms I only have the Poptropica fandom and the supercell games fandom that’s really it
When did you start playing Poptropica?
I started playing Poptropica around March Or April of 2010 that means I have played Poptropica for 7 years!
Who are some of your favorite Poptropicans in the Pop Community?
One is Purple Claw Because I really like his blog Clawtropica. IDK my favorite glitcher in this community as if right now because first he is active in the community, second he made wearable ASG cards which is awesome! and many more good things that IDK has done! Perfect Sky Well she quit the community as if right now but what she did when she was in the community I really like. First her awesome Poptropica Youtube channel which I could go on and on why I like, when she made the post of change post back in march and she was active in the Poptropica community! Tall Cactus mainly because her Poptropica Blog was my favorite Poptropica blog out of them all! Do not worry if you did not make it to my favorite Poptropica community members. Every Poptropican in this community is not useless. Even if you do not have a Poptropica blog you make the community good because you make the Poptropica Discord servers a little bit more active, when you comment on a Poptropica blog the owner of the blog has more comments to read ! But if you do not have a wordpress account or do not go to Discord then just reading a Poptropica blog can give the blog mores hits! So yeah that means that every Poptropican in this community counts!
What is your Poptropica username?
(if you want to friend me) is smartajay
Anything else you wanna add?
Thanks for interviewing me Bendy Flyer it was nice to share my opinions to everyone who is reading this blog. Also if case you do not know I have a Youtube Channel called SuperTalkCam where I upload Poptropica content. If you like Poptropica you may want to click this link. Super Talk Cam Bye Poptropicans!!!!!
So I might remove the question, “who are your favorite Poptropicans in the Pop Community” because people might exclude others, and that’s not nice, but so far, no one has. But remember, no one should be hating on each other because then, it can cause drama, but it seems a bit rude, but if we keep the question, the interviews could mention all, so I’m kind of unsure if I should really remove that question.
So that is all, bye guys!

2,000 hits finally!!!

Yes!!! PopWorlds Flyers Blog has got over 2,000 hits! I thank you all for being amazing viewers! This time, you choose the fun moment! It can be a new song on Noteflight to a fan fiction! It could even be another multiverse! You can vote for anything, as long as it is appropriate and something that isn’t casual. By the way, the goal for my other blog Bendy Stuff is 500 hits! Now, I can share some of my old Classic Poptropica photos from the photo booth!

BendyFlyerZilla Old outfit, and the theme is a bit cringey

Just a plain photo of Dr. Lange sharing safety rules

Singing in a crowd ♫ ♫ 

Zombie invasion!

Okay, those were pretty cringey, but still, I wanted to share these!

Bonus:  Photo booth glitch!

 Be fast and you could get something like these!(I’m pretty sure you know about my photos and the photo glitch,)

Some are pretty boring though, but still!

Now this is great!

Okay, that was all I want to post right now, and I will post more Poptropica memories later! Bye PopWorldicans!



Inactive, bored, lazy

Okay, I am really sorry for doing this, but I’m gonna procrastinate.

Right now, I’m stressed out and honestly, blogging is kind of getting a bit boring, because-

  1. No interview requests right now(but you can interview and save me from blog boredom!)
  2. No questions on Bendy Stuff(so feel free to ask as long as it’s not too offensive or personal!
  3. I can’t post about updates, unless if I have an opinion on them, because if another blog posts about an update, then my post would be pointless in my opinion. I’m not saying that if you do that, you’re bad, you can do what you want, because I’m not the boss of all of my friendly companions.
  4. I might not post about contests because no one really participates, but you don’t have to participate, it’s just that there’s no point in making contest when no one enters them.
  5. This isn’t about the boring part, but I might want to spend less time on the computer/tablet and start to be a little more productive honestly because now school is here, but we don’t really have homework, so maybe I could be here for the 1st week, or if I finish my work quick and good. I mean, I spend a ton of time on the tablet because the computer requires a password, and it’s easier to be in the community on the computer, because Discord, dA, Twitter, etc. is blocked. I can still reply to email on the tablet though, and access sites that entertain me.

So if you’re waiting for me to send some artwork on dA, I’m pretty bored and I’m a procrastinator pretty much so I’ll try to post asap.

Now onto Tweeting. I don’t want to tweet every time I post anything. I might post a recap, a link, a short opinion on a Pop update, or anything off-topic.

Back to blogging. I might blog more on Bendy Stuff now because Poptropica is a game I play. But, if I post about something off-topic, it could be from vacations to slimes to life-is-a-troll rants to anything that I don’t have to mention Poptropica. I don’t hate it, it’s just that I was too lazy to post about #FreeThe15.



My bathroom


My room


My instruments(but I need a violin!!!)


Me in a kitchen where there’s kind of weird items because house is crowded and don’t have membership(and I’m floating! Whee!)

Another random room(I edited the easel because I was bored)



And the room with the least items, but I could watch TV

So that was the house tour for now, I will add more, just saying.

And bonus! Some letters are underlined! Figure out what it says! (I can’t underline spaces, so you don’t have to type the answer with spaces, but you might look and add the spaces)

So that is it! I’m glad you read my post, bye PopWorldicans!

Interviews with… Purple Claw!


Remember the Interview Requests post? This one’s by Purple Claw! Here’s the interview!

And sorry for posting this way too late, 

When did you start playing Poptropica?
Somewhere near the end of 2014

What are your fandoms?
Besides Poptropica, I’m interested in Steven Universe, and Star vs the forces of evil!

Who are your favorite Poptropicans?(in the game)
Dr. Hare!

Who are some of your favorite Poptropicans in the Pop Community?
Everyone is amazing, I can’t just pick one!

What is your Poptropica username?

Anything else you wanna add?
Nope. Thanks for the interview!

And that was it! You can still request an interview!

Unfortunately, school is coming and I don’t want to fail 5th grade, and I have to spend less time on the computer, unless I can easily get things done. Because of that, I might be less active here on the blog.

And I’m officially back! +A rant

Hi, it’s Bendy Flyer! I’m sorry if I advertised that I am back so many times, but I’m sure some of you didn’t know, so I thought I should say it again! The trip was great, and I’ll definitely blog about it on Bendy Stuff! Unfortunately, I only took 1 picture at San Juan because I wasn’t able to bring the tablet to the cities, because it’s too big. (So I need a phone real bad!)

Anyways, the truth about Poptropica Worlds is that important features need membership, but I understand it’s a business, and it needs money to run, but I’m honestly disappointed that for the Colorizer, non-members have to stick with a few choices of color for the skin and hair. You also need membership to unlock special rooms, and some outfits require membership, but I’m not too disappointed, because at least we have a colorizer, even if it’s limited, and it has natural color choices. I don’t care too much about no rooms, and I’m pretty happy with my outfit, but too bad I can’t have my blonde hair… I’m not saying that Poptropica Worlds is a total disappointment, but it’s pretty plain right now, especially for the non-members. But I’m pretty sure that with every update, there’s going to be some membership restrictions.

Back to the trip, I’m somewhat glad I’m home, because a week without wifi makes me starve for it, but then I’m not as bored, because I get so much notifications, it made my day!

Unfortunately, I didn’t reach the hit goal, 1,900 hits, but I’m 14 hits away! 1,900 hit, or even 2,000 hits would surely make my day! But look, I’m not competing against others, because I’m always glad if someone gets a lot of hits, but I’m hungry for hits :3333

Okay, that was kind of long so thank you for reading and bye!

The Vacation, and a Goal(and 2 bonus!)

Hi guys, it’s Bendy Flyer! Unfortunately, I will be totally inactive for a week. You might think that this should have been on Bendy Stuff, but the reason is, that Bendy Stuff isn’t that noticed while I guess that this blog is more popular, even if a bit on here is Poptropica related. I don’t know what you’re going to say if I give more detail about my vacation, because I don’t know if you’re gonna be jealous or anything like that. So somewhere starting in August, I won’t:


Submit deviations


Ignore emails or any type of notification

So basically, I’ll be off the online world, unless if there’s wifi and I could get on the computer and check, but it’s not guaranteed that it’ll happen.

And the goal is, try to make it to 1,900 hits, or if possible, 2,000! Either one would satisfy me, but if we get 2,000, we could cheer all together and the blog will thank you all! :3333

Bonus 1: Slime!

Me and my older sister made slime out of Elmers glue, shaving foam, food dye, a bit of baking soda, and contact solution, and I added contact solution. My sisters slime turned into something meaty at the end, so she threw all her hard work away ;( My slime was a wet. We used up the Elmers glue bottle, and we have no more, so just wondering, but what could replace the Elmers Glue?

Bonus 2: The Poptropica related stuff is here!

The 24 carrot islands are different, so I’ll talk about the differences besides the plot!(caution: spoilers ahead)



In Poptropica Worlds, 24 Carrot Island is a bit more educational than the original. It’s not like the movie theater in the original Poptropica though.


There is a eye-catching signpost about the island. This is not a real difference, but I’ll add it cuz why not? 😉


New characters! 24 carrot island here keeps the same characters, but there’s new peeps!


Yay I can ride that!

Dr. Hare is more villainy! (also seen in signpost)


Credit to PHB!


So the rest of the island is pretty much the same, which I kind of don’t like, because it’s honestly a bit more boring like that, but otherwise, 24 carrot is great!

That is all, and I will miss you guys, but I’ll be back! Don’t worry, I’ll reply to comments as long as I’m here!

24 Carrot Island is here?

HI, Bendy Flyer here! :3 :3 :3 You see the title, and it’s for Poptropica Worlds! I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, except the trophy!

(trophy chandeliers)


So that’s all, bye!

P.S. Check out the ask me update on Bendy Stuff!

P.S.S. I’m in lazy mode, because it’s summer 😉

“Rant”: Pop Community

Okay, as you see the title, I’m talking about the cons about the community, but yes, you guys are nice! It’s just that there are disadvantages about this community. If we can change, then the community will be better in my opinion. If you disagree and want to explain, then just DM me on Discord. I’m also a bit sensitive, so don’t judge.

(Note: These are my experiences. If you don’t believe in these, then don’t troll the comments. Also, this is more of a suggestion post, so calm down. Also, the stories are just examples and if you’re in them, don’t scream at me in the comments or anywhere else, I won’t reply anyways. Plus, they didn’t seem like friendly jokes to me, so again, don’t scream at me)

Age Groups

From kids to adults, there is a variety of people in the community, which is okay with me. But sometimes, there are conflicts, for example, an older person calling a younger person a little kid. That happened to me before, and it’s not comfortable. Also, sometimes things are dramatized like someone says, “sighing is for infants” or something like that. I mean, it’s hard being with younger kids sometimes, and they can be annoying, but we should try to get along, even if we’re different in ages.


Not the movie, those annoying people on the internet. One time, someone was swearing on my chat and it wasn’t allowed. Someone also criticized me for not having a skill in something and someone else said, “Oh this server’s a mess”or something like that. Also, another troll was dramatizing “innocent” words.


Some people like to swear, and I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t use it to insult me. But yes, I swear occasionally, but I’m not really comfortable with it, and a lot of people in this community swear, but occasionally, I’m pressured to swear. I also know people who don’t like hearing swears, and I’m also okay with that! And since I’m okay with swears, but not too much,  I might allow swearing in the chat, but you can’t swear in every single sentence.

So that is it! I believe when I was younger in the Pop Community, I used to be… cringey? Well anyways, friends are better than enemies, right? ;3 Well I have to go to swimming lessons soon, so bye!