Bendy Flyer- I am just a girl who blogs about Poptropica, my favorite game. If you want to friend me, my username on Poptropica is testingmom2014. You can find me on Twitter, (BendyFlyer100), DeviantArt(BendyFlyer), Discord(Bendy Flyer #5737), Noteflight

Short Feather- ‘Ello! I’m Short Feather . I’m a fan of Poptropica , Harry Potter , And Rick Riordan books . I work on Short Feathers popup , The poptropican’s corner , Poptropica Olympians , and of course this blog! If you want to contact me my name on discord is Short Feather . I’m active on the phc… Maybe a little too active :wink: . That’s all I have to say for now . Bye ya!


  1. No personal information! No revealing your full name, phone, address, everything you do(unless you are approved that can be in a comment/post). Also, please don’t threaten others by asking for personal info. We don’t want someone to track you down!
  2. No bullying! No name calling, impersonating, scaring others, excluding(unless it’s top secret because there might be other authors), and being rude. We want the PWFB to be a fun place, so be nice!
  3. No swearing or 18+ content! In the Pop Community, there are kids who play Poptropica/Poptropica Worlds, and there are no exceptions. Some people don’t like seeing bad language but some do, so maybe I could allow swearing in another area besides this blog.
  4. No spamming! Spamming is:
    f*=jo╚fpt490sh(typing carelessly)
    PoPtRoPiCa(changing letters capitalized to lowercase no matter what)
    Being off-topic(this is a Poptropica blog, but the only exception is Off Topic) I don’t like “waste comments”, so “don’t litter the spam here, I don’t want to clean up after you”!
  5. No drama. It’s really annoying. Like #2, we want this blog to be a fun place.
  6. No posting false links, viruses, or other sort of scam. Again, like #2, breaking others’ devices is rude. I might avoid that link, but if someone reports it, “it goes in the biohazard bin!
  7. Have fun! Not exactly a rule, but just follow the rules and have fun! If someone breaks the rules, it can ruin the fun, so have fun, be nice, and check posts out!

I will only edit/delete your comment if:

  • You post adult content/swears
  • You misspell(and if you post another comment of what you meant, I will delete that and fix the original comment)
  • You post scams
  • You spam on the blog
  • If you comment in the wrong areas

If there are any rules I forgot, please help me out and comment!


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