The Vacation, and a Goal(and 2 bonus!)

Hi guys, it’s Bendy Flyer! Unfortunately, I will be totally inactive for a week. You might think that this should have been on Bendy Stuff, but the reason is, that Bendy Stuff isn’t that noticed while I guess that this blog is more popular, even if a bit on here is Poptropica related. I don’t know what you’re going to say if I give more detail about my vacation, because I don’t know if you’re gonna be jealous or anything like that. So somewhere starting in August, I won’t:


Submit deviations


Ignore emails or any type of notification

So basically, I’ll be off the online world, unless if there’s wifi and I could get on the computer and check, but it’s not guaranteed that it’ll happen.

And the goal is, try to make it to 1,900 hits, or if possible, 2,000! Either one would satisfy me, but if we get 2,000, we could cheer all together and the blog will thank you all! :3333

Bonus 1: Slime!

Me and my older sister made slime out of Elmers glue, shaving foam, food dye, a bit of baking soda, and contact solution, and I added contact solution. My sisters slime turned into something meaty at the end, so she threw all her hard work away ;( My slime was a wet. We used up the Elmers glue bottle, and we have no more, so just wondering, but what could replace the Elmers Glue?

Bonus 2: The Poptropica related stuff is here!

The 24 carrot islands are different, so I’ll talk about the differences besides the plot!(caution: spoilers ahead)



In Poptropica Worlds, 24 Carrot Island is a bit more educational than the original. It’s not like the movie theater in the original Poptropica though.


There is a eye-catching signpost about the island. This is not a real difference, but I’ll add it cuz why not? 😉


New characters! 24 carrot island here keeps the same characters, but there’s new peeps!


Yay I can ride that!

Dr. Hare is more villainy! (also seen in signpost)


Credit to PHB!


So the rest of the island is pretty much the same, which I kind of don’t like, because it’s honestly a bit more boring like that, but otherwise, 24 carrot is great!

That is all, and I will miss you guys, but I’ll be back! Don’t worry, I’ll reply to comments as long as I’m here!


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