Interview Quests Open :3

Hi, it’s Bendy Flyer, and interview requests are open! Remember the interview I did with Lucky Wing? Well, it will be like that, where you choose a color for your text. Comment if you want a request. Here are the questions that you need to ask.

When did you start playing Poptropica?
What are your fandoms?
Who are your favorite Poptropicans?(in the game)
Who are some of your favorite Poptropicans in the Pop Community?(you don’t have to add me, and please end this answer with something polite, like how you still like the rest)

What is your Poptropica username (removed if you keep private)
Anything else you wanna add?


So, you may ask, how do I interview you? It will be private, and it will be either through email, Discord Messaging, DeviantArt Notes, or private Tweeting. That’s all I might have to tell, bye PopWorldicans!