I have to tell you guys something…

The Poptropica Flyers Blog will be inactive temporarily unless another author posts something. You may ask, why can’t I post? Well, my mind is blank right now, and I’m sure the 4th of July I’m busy, so yeah… can’t do ze multiverse 3:. And I am sick, but I have a slim chance of posting because I’m tired, but I could be at home. I also don’t really have ideas, except that I should make an opinion post, but it’s honestly boring, and I can’t make a contest because no one enters them and just saying, I might be inactive completely (as in everwhere in the Pop community, like dA, Discord, etc.) because I am on a trip (and it will be fun :D) Also, I might post more on Bendy Stuff because Poptropica is a specific thing and Bendy Stuff I can post about my life, rants, interesting things, etc.You can give me ideas besides opinions and contests and that will probably be all for now! Bye!


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