Excuse for no recap

Well the party was too boring, so yeah, sorry 😦 And no, it’s not your fault (and there might be a 4th of July party but idk yet)


Birthday Multiverse!

Yay, a multiverse again! It’s my birthday tomorrow, and the multiverse is on my b-day! So, here’s the schedule-





And if you don’t like in the US just use the Time Converter!

If not enough people come, the party will be rescheduled, because the more people the better!

And if you have a summer b-day you want to share, you can!

And bye fellow PopWorldicans!

Edit: The party will be rescheduled because I’ll go to a summer camp, and I’ll go to somewhere to get some gold things from a gift shop, and it’s the same times as above, but on June 24. 28.

Why I won’t post about ads a lot

Hi, it’s me, Bendy Flyer. I’m sure you know that I used to post about ads a lot, but now, not so much. Why? That’s got boring, and if I post before someone else, then their post is kind of “trash”, and I want to give others a chance. I’l just post about interesting things, but not every ad. Also, news posts can get boring. And yes, I’ll still be posting about old Poptropica. Finally, I don’t want this blog to be a “newspaper” about Poptropica ads, because some Poptropicans might get bored. That’s all I wanted to say here for now, bye PopWorldicans! (is that getting dumb)

I guessed some of the sneak peeks!

WARNING: If you haven’t completed Crisis Caverns yet, don’t, because this post contains spoilers.

Okay, remember the 3 shadow sneak peeks that I posted and guessed? Well you can find them in CC!

The belt I posted about is a belt, but it’s a magnetic belt, not a belt with charms!




And the egg/boulder is an egg of the monster worm! (The name of the monster worm is a mouthful tho)



And the totem thing/tower, I was wrong! It was an arcade machine(you can’t play it)


sorry for the blurry image

Um, looks like the post is out! Bye fellow PopWorldicans!(I just came up with that)