Pirate Ad!

Hi, it’s Bendy Flyer, and as you see the title, it is a pirate related Poptropica ad! (No, it’s not Jake and the Neverland Pirates) It’s Pirates of the Caribbean!

When you go to Home Island, your blimp is replaced with this blimp


And here is the dialouge-

You: Who are you? Pirate: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow. Watch the video to get a prize.

You: Can I watch the pirate video? Pirate: Aye! And get a prize fer watching. [plays video]

You: Can I travel in your pirate blimp? Pirate: Aye, matey!

The blimp is basically your blimp, but the map is different (I don’t want to spoil it!)


The prize! (for girls and the boys one is probably the pirate I talked to but idek)

And it’s a PG-13, so you might want to wait if you can’t handle those movies yet(I love PG-13 movies and I’m too young) Anyways, bye!


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