Yay Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peeks!!!

HEY THERE!!! IT’S BENDY FLYER! Sorry for the Caps, but I’m super excited because I got a secret link to some awesome sneak peeks that y’all will love(there are posts about them already but still)



I love the gems in here! The background reminds me of Arabian Nights for some reason…

Those are very detailed! I mean, look at the wallpaper and everything! I see it has totally improved from the old Pop!


I like how the clouds look real on the bottom, but on the top they’re not that realistic. That isn’t a big deal because the rest of the background matches with it a bit.worlds

Oh, that’s what the monster worms are for! I love the eerie background here!worlds.png

Again, the worms is used here. Tbh I think the worm matches here better than Chase Stage 2 because of the color.

And I need to tell you something- The Poptropica Flyers Blog will turn into the PopWorlds Flyers Blog. If you have any other title suggestions, comment below! Also, I won’t be as active as a while ago because I’m struggling with life. That’s it for this post, and have a good day!


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