Bendy Speck’s Partay!!!

The post says it’s by that Bendy (and the Ink Machine) Flyer lady, though it’s actually Bendy Speck! No really, IT’S BENDY SPECK! Bendy Flyer’s password for her WordPress account was finally solved, by me! The party is on April 8. Bendy Flyer will not come.


PST 4pm

MST 5pm

CST 6pm

EST 7pm

DoN’t LiVe In ThE UsÁ? Search up a time converter, don’t be lazy!

Real Post by Bendy Flyer

Yay! The movie theater has finally came!


So that’s what it looks like inside…


So as you enter, you’ll see this. First, there will be an ad (personally, I don’t like them)


Uh, that’s what my ad was…


Oh no, the video is just about gravity, and this is not as good as I thought so.


Ugh, please! To be honest, the video is lame, so this would be just a rant about the video. Maybe that would suit younger kids…

There’s more videos, but I expect them to be similar, but I’ll just give brief rants.


“Doughnut Zombies!” is the title, and then they talk about DNA? The title doesn’t make sense!

That’s the last video, and the videos are for ages 5 and 6 I guess, and my Poptropican is sad 😦


Bendy Flyer: Bendy Speck, don’t do that again! DON’T COME TO HIS PARTY

Bendy Speck: [whistles]


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