Wow, I have never done this… I am doing this because I haven’t posted in a while! Here we go…(This is long, so if you don’t want to waste time, read a section at a time)

My Voice for the Community

I wanted to share my voice, because I was inspired from the PHB.

Honestly, this community should improve on some things. First, Poptropica shouldn’t reuse items from last year too much because then the item gets kinda boring. (Note: If you are a Poptropica Creator reading this, I am not trying to offend you, I am suggesting)

Secondly, the community sometimes gets “rough”. What I mean is that there is a lot of arguing, lying, drama, etc. Luckily, that is not too common, and the community is improving already. Some people also bully each other, which makes things worse.

Also, Poptropica deserves love from it’s players, because sadly, the game is kinda dying. No, it’s not your fault. You can actually do these things to save Poptropica:

-Share the game(try younger kids if teens say Pop’s a bad game and vice versa)

-Make a Poptropica saving blog where you try to save Poptropica

-Make suggestions so that Poptropica becomes a better game for all(not complaints)

-Think of your own tips!

Poptropica 3/11 Party Recap (it’s late! :/)

Okay, I’m sorry that those are the only pics I could take, but here are the party guests!

Bendy Speck(he was shirtless lol)

Silver Tornado


Friendly Foot(1st pic)


Magic Panda

Brave Runner(2nd pic)

Did I forget you? Comment! Anyways, this was my favorite party because this one had the most people. Stay tuned for more!

My Thoughts on the Home Island Theater

Random Art.png

Did you see that? It looks cool, but what could it be for?


For watching short clips of Poptropica

Featuring Youtube videos of Poptropica

Slideshows of fan things fans posted

A mini game?

The theater also caused the shop to shrink! x’D

Random Art.png

Shout-outs to People Not Feartured on the PHB and Poptropica Related People

I am not going to be featuring people who were recently featured on the PHB because everyone needs a chance, right?






there’s absolutely more to follow! Just check out Poptropica’s Twitter or something else to find more!







Check out DeviantArt to find more amazing artists!


Poptropica’s Sneak

The Poptropican’s Corner(some of our authors work on this site!)

Search the Internet to find more!

If you want me to edit this post and feature where you are, please comment and send a link, but you have to feature yourself if you are trying to put yourself on this post. I also have to trust you.

Here is the 3rd photo! Guess where this is from!

Random Art.png

Okay, that’s all for the super post! Bye!



5 thoughts on “SUPER POST! :D

  1. Well right now we need to think what the creators should add to Poptropica worlds.Also theres starting to be some drama in the Poptropica community now like remember The Keystone that Poptropica help blog author, yeah when YlimeGirl released Ore Legends by mistake The Keystone started swearing at her and treating her to release her address… If drama like this keeps happening then we could need a Poptropica Drama blog…


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