600 hits multiverse!

Well guess I posted this a bit later then I was actually supposed to do it. Anyways, the multiverse party is at March 4(Saturday)

Time(if you don’t live in the USA, here is a Time Converter:

PST: 12:00 PM

MST: 1:00 PM

CST: 2:00 PM

EST: 3:00 PM


Contest! It’s an art contest, the winner gets to know a secret fact about me. Either I email you or I DM you. Email me for entries at bendyflyerthebest@gmail.com please. You can also send them on DeviantArt, but send me a link on the comments. There will be 3 grand prize(those will know the secret) and 5 runner-ups.

Prizes: Runner Ups: Getting a coloring page of their Poptropican Grand: Coloring page and secret

End: March 31(I will make a post saying the contest has ended)

Maximum Entries: 5


  1. The art has to be Poptropica related.
  2. It cannot be insulting to anyone.
  3. No swears are allowed in the artwork
  4. If it’s on DeviantArt, tag it with #bfartcontest and comment on my profile.
  5. It has to be your best. You cannot send trash.

Okay, questions? Comment!


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