Behind da Scenes: Reality TV Island!

Bendy Flyer here, and I will be posting sketches that used to be for Reality TV island(the one with the Afro Guy) Earn your credits! It’s the 27th, and Febuary has only 28 days!(yes because summer’s coming soon *smiles* Anyways let’s see them!

I think the one on the left you click on the tree as fast as you can so that all of the coconuts fall. If you have the tree with no coconuts when everyone still has 1+, you win.

For the one on the right, the fish move really quickly and you have to click on a fish to catch it. The first Poptropican who catches 5 fish wins.(My theories)

This one’s a race. the platforms stay only for a temporary time. If you fall, you lose.

All of the games… Here are some games with instructions…

Now… some characters!

I will say the characters that did make it. (Note: Their names are different)

Slim Slam, Rickie Rock, Freddy Fry, Gramma Gracey, Grampa Grum

Hip Hop, Helen Hiker, Magic Mervin.

Hippie Harry, Busy Bob, Cathy Codex, Sarah Snooty, Chef Jeff, Sickly Skull.

Now here’s some ideas that didn’t really get into Poptropica, but some were changed into the games we have now.



The designs are great! If I think about it in a new way, I will edit the post! Bye!

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