Never Fear, G the Editor is Here!

Are there some typos on your blog?


Do you need someone to check your work?


Well then, never fear, G the editor is here! -superhero music plays-


*graphic totally needed*

You got that right! I’m now part of the Poptropica Flyers Blog! I’d like to thank Bendy Flyer for giving me this opportunity. Well, I’m G-Hopper, and, uh, here’s a bit about myself. Oh, and you’ve probably seen me on the author list for a long time now. I just had no idea what to write then.

I’ve been a Poptropica player since 2011. You may know me from my blog, the Brainy Pop BlogClawtropica, or People of Poptropica. I try to make art, I guess. I’m a big Pokémon fan, you can see how much I love and know about it in this post on my off-topica blog, G-Hopping Things. I’m not a big sports fan, I pretty much live on the computer. I enjoy making graphics, even if they don’t look very good. My favorite Poptropica island, you ask? Mythology and Mystery Train. Least favorite? GHD, OBVIOUSLY, ALONG WITH MOTM!!!!!! Well! You can add me on Poptropica, my UN is Wheze4.

I’ll be sure to get editing! Edit, edit, ugh, another one of Short Feather’s punctuation errors. (xD) Bye!


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