The Winners of the Costume Contest!

Hey guys! Bendy Flyer here, and I will tell you the winners who will have their costumes sold in the Poptropica store! They are: (oh, just if you were wondering what the costumes look like, go here! They are:

“Celestial Mage” by Invisible Biker

“Cyber Angel” by Bashful Sword(congrats!)

“Diwali Inspired” by Lucky Joker(congrats!)

“Gamer Chic” by Fearless Dragon

“Elemental Beasts” by Red Paw

“Jazz Musician” by Perfect Sky(congrats, and I can probably made a Robbie Rotten costume!)

“Rainbow Unicorn” by Cool Sword

“The Dreamer” by Friendly Kid

“Watermelon Threads” by Shiny Penguin

“Witch and Wizard” by Young Heart

Well congrats to all of you,  I was saying that to some Pop community members, but I am kind of sad that some of my friends didn’t win, like Maroon Ring or Slanted Fish.

*lays sick in bed* Okay, that’s it for now! Bye!


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