200 hits PARTY!!!

Well earlier today, I had 199 hits, and I was waiting for one more hit! Then I had 202! How exciting! I will have a 200 hits party on Saturday afternoon!

When: Pacific- 12:00  Mountain- 1:00  Central-2:00  Eastern- 3:00  For those who don’t live in the USA: Time Converter

What: A multiverse party!

Who: Everyone! If you want, you can tell other Poptropicans about this party!

Where: Discord! For those who don’t have a Discord account, I will post the codes on the blog!

Oh, and NO LAGGING! Only a bit of lag!

And good night! If you want, here is a short fan fiction of me and Bendy Speck!


Bendy Flyer: [yawns] Good night, Bendy Speck!

Bendy Speck: [throws Playdoh at Bendy Flyer] I hope your dreams are creative!


Bendy Speck: Sour dreams!!!


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