Interviews with… Lucky Wing!

It’s exactly what it is. I am interviewing Lucky Wing! Her answers are going to be in green text, and my questions are going to be this color.

When did you start playing Poptropica?

Ah, I don’t know, between 2007 and 2008 is what I think, but idk.
What are your fandoms?

SO MANY!!! Let’s see… Ninjago, MLP, Phineas and Ferb, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Frog Princess(I became overly emotionally invested, long story) and Minecraft.
Who are your favorite Poptropicans?(in the game)

Amelia is nice! I like Dr. Hare, Binary Bard and Black Widow!
Who are some of your favorite Poptropicans in the Pop Community?(you don’t have to add me)

I’m adding you just because i can now. Lemme see… Besides you, Purple Claw, Tall Cactus, Vampi, smartpoptropica, Fierce Flyer, Red Rider, Lucky Joker… and people I probably forgot. I STILL LOVE YOU PEEPS!!!
Anything else you wanna add?

IDK. I like interviews. I like life too! LW out!! *Drops mic* Actually, I need that. *Grabs mic and runs*


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