Fashion Tips!

(Note: These tips are my opinion. You may not agree, so that is fine.)

Have you always wanted to look good? Is this bothering you? Well here are my fashion tips!

  1. Do not get your whole outfit from NPCs from islands like Spy Island, Early Poptropica, etc.


2.  Have rare parts, either customizeable or not.


(Silver Tornado’s outfit in her closet is awesome!)

3. Do not choose ugly skin colors or hair. It can hide the real beauty. The only exception is for Halloween.


4. Make sure your outfit parts match. If you wear a fancy dress with a mask, that is a fashion disaster.


5. Get stuff from iPoptropica or the Poptropica Ad Transporter. You can just search those up, but there is a link on Costumes. On Costumes, you can see that I had Ad-based clothes.

And Gung Hay Fat Choy! In other words, happy Lunar New Year for those of you who celebrate!


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