Rant- The Afro Guy

Note-This is my opinion, so don’t get offended.

A lot of you already know the Afro Guy. It you don’t know him, he looks like this:rants

(Yes, I edited it…) Anyways, I don’t like him because unexpectedly, he just appears in the customizer like shown above. A here’s a glitch you should not try- Use one of the Ctrl-Shift emotions (1, 2, 3, 4) before the Reality TV game. Then, the game will be all Afro Guys except for you. Either if you win or lose, it just goes back to the start part of the Reality TV show. If you want, just enjoy this Poptropicomic about the Afro Guy. There was also holiday specials for 2016… Also, it turns out that he just appears in ads here-(if you don’t use Ad Visual Master, and I don’t want to be offensive.)Poptropica Ad Transporter Also, I can show you a pic of the glitch-rants

So that’s all for the rant! If you have a rant, comment me!


Rant- The Afro Guy

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